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(Kathryn Seidick)

Michelle Kasey



Žije s manželom a štyrmi deťmi neďaleko Philadelphie.
Svojimi knihami chce prinášať úsmev na tvár, dávať nádej a šancu na šťastie.
Keď bolo jej najstaršiemu synovi osem rokov, zlyhali mu obličky. Deväť mesiacov trvalo, kým mu konečne transplantovali nové. Vtedy Kasey trávila čo najviac času v nemocnici a spolu s ostatnými mamičkami chorých detí utekala od drsnej reality čítaním romantických kníh. A v tomto období vzniká i jej kniha The Tenacious Miss Tamerlane.



His Chariot Awaits

His Chariot Awaits (1990)
Romeo in the Rain (1990)
Sydney's Folly (1991)
Lion On the Prowl
Lion on the Prowl (1991)
Prenuptial Agreement (1992)
Bachelor on the Prowl (2001)
Crown Family
The Homecoming (1996)
The Untamed (1996)
The Promise (1997)
London Friends
Indiscreet (1998)
Someone to Love (2001) - Plamen lásky (Domino 2004)
Then Comes Marriage (2002)




Chandlers Request
Jessie's Expecting (2000)
Marrying Maddy (2000)
Raffling Ryan (2000)
Trehan Brothers
1. Love to Love You Baby (2001)
2. Be My Baby Tonight (2002)
Maggie Kelly
Maggie Needs an Alibi (2002)
Maggie by the Book (2003)
Maggie Without a Clue (2004)
High Heels and Homicide (2005)
High Heels and Holidays (2006)
Bowled Over (2007)
Romney Marsh
1. A Gentleman by Any Other Name (2006)
2. The Dangerous Debutante (2006)
3. Beware of Virtuous Women (2006)
4. A Most Unsuitable Groom (2007)
5. A Reckless Beauty (2007)
6. Return of the Prodigal (2007)
7. Becket's Last Stand (2007)
Sunshine Girls
Dial M For Mischief (2008)
Mischief Becomes Her (2008)
Fabulous Fathers

Uncle Daddy (1993)
The Dad Next Door (1995)
36 Hours
Strange Bedfellows (1997)
Fortunes of Texas
The Sheikh's Secret Son (1999)
Texas Sheikhs

His Innocent Temptress (2001)
O Beloved Wolf (2001)
The Hopechest Bride (2002)
The Raven's Assignment (2002)
The Belligerent Miss Boynton (1982)
Tenacious Miss Tammerlane (1982)
The Rambunctious Lady Royston (1983)
Maggie's Miscellany (1984)
The Lurid Lady Lockport (1984)
The Savage Miss Saxon (1985)
The Mischievous Miss Murphy (1987)
Compliments of the Groom (1987)
The Questioning Miss Quinton (1987)
Popcorn and Kisses (1988)
The Playful Lady Penelope (1988)
To Marry at Christmas (1988)
The Anonymous Miss Addams (1989)
The Dubious Miss Dalrymple (1990)
Destiny's Will (1991)
The Chaotic Miss Crispino (1991)
The Haunted Miss Hampshire (1992)
The Legacy of the Rose (1992)
Out of the Blue (1992)
The Wagered Miss Winslow (1992)
The Bride of the Unicorn (1993)
Marriage in a Suitcase (1993)
A Masquerade in the Moonlight (1994)
The Illusions of Love (1994)
Timely Matrimony (1994)
The Secrets of the Heart (1995)
Husbands Don't Grow on Trees (1995)
The Passion of an Angel (1995)
Five's a Crowd (1996)
Escapade (1999) - Sladká pomsta (Domino 2003)
Baby Fever (1999)
Waiting for You (2000)
Come Near Me (2000) - Jen pro tvou lásku (Domino 2004)
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You (2000)
Too Good to Be True (2001)
The Beleaguered Lord Bourne (2002)
The Enterprising Lord Edward (2002)
The Ruthless Lord Rule (2002)
The Toplofty Lord Thorpe (2002)
Heir to the Throne (2002) (with Carolyn Davidson)
This Must Be Love (2003)
The Kissing Game (2003)
This Can't Be Love (2004)
The Butler Did It (2004)
Shall We Dance? (2005)
Stuck in Shangri-La (2005)
Marriagable Misses (2006)
Impetuous Misses (2006)
Everything's Coming Up Rosie (2006)
The Tycoon's Secret (2008)
Mischief 24/7 (2009)

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Antológie/ s inými autorkami

To Have and to Hold (1993) (with Jane Bonander, Elaine Coffman, Joan Johnston)
The Parent Trap (1996) (with Lisa Jackson and Dallas Schulze)
Christmas Celebration (1996) (with Anne McAllister)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Delivery Room (1997) (with Kathleen Eagle and Emilie Richards)
Key to My Heart (1998) (with Muriel Jensen and Rebecca York)
Everlasting Love (1998) (with Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Lael Miller and Carla Neggers)
Spouse for Hire (1998) (with Joan Johnston, Lee Magner)
Carried Away (2000) (with Joan Hohl)
The Coltons: Brides of Privilege (2001) (with Ruth Langan and Carolyn Zane)
Finding Home (2001) (with Linda Howard, Elizabeth Lowell)
A Timeless Love (2001) (with Gayle Wilson)
Lucia in Love / Lion on the Prowl (2001) (with Heather Graham)
Tender Love Stories (2002) (with Dixie Browning, Day Leclaire)
The Wedding Chase (2003) (with Lyn Stone and Gayle Wilson)
The Secret Prince / The Raven's Assignment (2003) (with Kathryn Jensen)
The Raven's Assignment / Willow in Bloom (2004) (with Victoria Pade)
Prisoner of the Tower / In His Lordship's Bed (2004) (with Lyn Stone and Gayle Wilson)
His Innocent Temptress / His Arranged Marriage (2005) (with Tina Leonard)




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